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The TechMed Event is a joint effort by the TechMed Centre of the University of Twente and WTC Twente in Hengelo, in collaboration with members of the MedTech Twente cluster.

The first edition of the collaboration between The Technical Medical Centre and WTC Twente took place in 2020. For this, both organizations organized their own MedTech events: The TechMed Event, with a strong focus on science and business, and the WTC Twente organized the Medical Devices Meetings Twente, which attracted various companies in and outside Europe to explore collaborations with the MedTech Twente community. If you want to view these previous editions, click here.

World Trade Center Twente

The goals of the WTC Twente is the exchange of knowledge and boost economic activities in the region and to promote international activities. To reach these goals, we support companies from the east of the Netherlands and near the Dutch-German border (e.g. Münster and Osnabrück) by offering trade information, training, and meetings. 

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The TechMed Centre

The Technical Medical Centre is a leading Innovation Hub impacting healthcare by excellent Research, Innovation and Educational programmes. It is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, ranging from research labs, preclinical testbeds and simulated hospital environments. We collaborate with industry, hospitals, governments and insurance agencies on the development of new solutions for healthcare. 

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MedTech Twente

MedTech Twente is the innovation hub where medical technology accelerates. The business community and healthcare institutions work closely together with researchers from the knowledge institutions to arrive at innovations for the healthcare of tomorrow. Innovations are developed, validated and implemented in close collaboration between parties, facilitated and accelerated by supporting organizations such as Novel-T, OostNL, VitaalTwente, WTC and HealthValley. 

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