The TechMed EventProgrammeInnovation Safari Tour - Micronit, microfluidics & MEMS

Innovation Safari Tour - Micronit, microfluidics & MEMS

Micronit, microfluidics & MEMS

During this tour we visit one of the Big 5 corporates that is strongly represented in MedTech Cluster Twente. We'll spot innovative solutions, follow presentations and pitches and discover the impact this company has on future healthcare.

The programme

Micronit will give you an insight into the technology they use for their developments: nanotechnology, microfluidics and MEMS. You will get a surprising and unique insight into their cleanroom (window tour) and another part of their production, namely powder blasting. In addition, Mark Olde Riekerink (Senior Business Development Manager) and Lennart de Regt (Senior Manager New Facilities), will tell you more about the obstacles you encounter as a MedTech company on your path of development. For example: Things always take twice the time and twice the money. Don’t let it get you down: stay focused, ambitious & bold! This Innovation tour is one not to miss.

General information

Micronit specializes in micro- and nanotechnologies. We produce lab-on-a-chip products for our customers, who are most active in the life sciences and medical field. Our chips are used worldwide for DNA analysis and medical testing. Our core business is to add value to a chip. We grow along with the market that demands ever more complex products.

At Micronit, we contribute to the thought of ‘bringing the lab to the people’. The growing availability of ever smaller and easy-to-handle health tests simplifies the monitoring of one’s own health. Labs-on-chips are becoming of vital importance, not only in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases but also in prevention.

We team up with our clients in an ‘idea-to-manufacturing’ process. With 20+ years of experience in the broader microfluidics field, we are a steady and reliable development partner. Our offices, labs, and cleanrooms are based in Enschede, The Netherlands, and in Dortmund, Germany. Innovative products make the world a better place. At Micronit, we put all our energy and passion into developing amazing life-changing products!

  • When: November 4
  • Times: 14.00 - 15.15
  • Starting point: The Meeting lounge - Atrium (ground floor)
  • How: Live 
  • For whom: Industry & Entepreneurial researchers
  • Location: Micronit cleanrooms (HTF), De Veldmaat 17, Enschede