Derya Yaker MD.PhD.

Organisation: UMC Groningen
Position: Radiologist

FastMRI: Speeding up prostate MRI with AI

This collaboration between the UMCG (Groningen, The Netherlands), RadboudUmc (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands) and Siemens Healthineers (Erlangen, Germany) focuses on new Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques for faster and more accurate MRI for diagnostic and interventional purposes in prostate cancer.

National and European guidelines have recently changed and recommend MRI as first-line diagnostic work up in all patients suspected of prostate cancer. Together with the ever ageing society the number of MRI scans and associated cumulative costs will substantially increase. To make health care affordable for everyone in the future, innovation with the purpose of faster and accurate MRI techniques is necessary.

With the help of AI new techniques will be investigated that shorten the length of a prostate MRI for diagnostic purposes and during interventions. By using the raw MR image data and examples of previously detected prostate cancer.


After earning my MD, PhD and Radiology degree at the RadboudUmc I started working at the UMCG in 2016 as a Radiologist. In these last 5 years at the UMCG I have been involved in various clinical and research activities as an abdominal radiologist. I have a special interest in MRI and prostate cancer in diagnostics as well as interventions. One of my future foci will be exploring and expanding on the power of AI by investigating its ability to detect diseases and improve existing imaging techniques.