Sven Gerritsen MSc.

Organisation: Machnet Medical Robotics
Position: Business Developer and Operations Manager

Enabling real-time MRI guided interventions

Breast cancer is one of the most present forms of cancer for womens worldwide. As is now, the current procedures and techniques to perform a needle biopsy are conducted by humans. As widely known, humans have human error. We, Machnet Medical Robotics together with the University of Twente join forces to bring the first semi real time MRI guided biopsy robot to the market. Robotizing human actions not only eliminates human error, but a single intervention procedure is created and therefore resulting in higher patient comfort and financial benefit.

With our robot, this complex procedure becomes an MRI guided intervention, merging the best possible imaging technique with first time right accuracy. Our vision is to develop a platform supporting many other semi real time MRI guided interventions.

We, at Machnet Medical Robotics are convinced about the application of our robotic platform as the new standard of care in biopsy and minimal invasive treatment systems.


I’m a young professional with a passion for entrepreneurship and technology. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and a master’s degree in Business Studies. In between, I participated in an exchange program for one semester in which I completed my minor in business administration at the Konkuk University in South-Korea. My experience as an entrepreneur started when I was in high school, back then I co-founded a webshop to sell parts for geared mopeds. Although it started as a fun concept to fund my own projects, it quickly became the biggest webshop of The Netherlands.

This field of experience together with my background of different studies results in a very passionated person to work as a business developer and operations manager for Machnet Medical Robotics.