Dr. Anique Bellos-Grob

Organisation: University of Twente
Position: Postdoc Researcher



Dr. Anique Grob is a postdoctoral researcher in the Multi-Modality Medical Imaging (M3i) group at the University of Twente, Enschede the Netherlands since 2017. She obtained her Ph.D. in medicine in 2016 from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Her main research interest is in urogynaecologal imaging . She is a co-promotor of three PhD students and supervises every year three to six students that are working on their bachelor and master thesis in various domains within urogynecology. She was the lead coordinator in the Gynius (TTW-OTP 2017) application. She is research-coordinator at Maatschap Radiologie Oost Nederland (MRON) since 2018. And started as a urogynecological resident at GYCON-ZGT in July 2020.