Michael Strübin

Get priority for the -possible- live 2021 edition 


Director, Digital Health - MedTech Europe

Michael Strübin helps develop the medtech industry’s voice in the digital health field and represents MedTech Europe’s members vis-à-vis digital health policymakers and stakeholders, focusing on technological, commercial, legal and social aspects that advance the digital transformation of European healthcare systems. Michael came to MedTech Europe in 2018 from the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance), a global alliance of health and technology companies, governments and research organisations. Before PCHAlliance, he ran the European operations of the Continua Health Alliance, and contributed to other associations in the eHealth field. Michael studied political sciences and humanities at universities in Germany and the United States. He spent the first years of his career in the fields of international social development and philanthropy, working in Washington, Warsaw, Berlin and Baltimore, before he made Brussels his home in 2003.


How AI will shape healthcare delivery (if we let it)

AI has enormous potential to make healthcare better, safer and more efficient if we address the technical, regulatory and economic/commercial barriers. In this presentation, Michael will give specific examples of AI applications and their overall benefits for patients, healthcare professionals and health systems, and address the barriers that stand in the way.