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Personalized eHealth

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Improving healthcare with ehealth

Do you want to discover the state of the art of eHealth research and innovation and its impact on healthcare, business and society? In this track, we will meet experts that create novel diagnostic and monitoring technologies for patients at home. We will learn how we can benefit from monitoring data and smart analyses to make timely decisions and provide personalized care when needed. We can experience the virtual world of eHealth where care is offered by your virtual coach or within a virtual body. And we find out how we can speed up the transition of personalized eHealth as part of our society.


Guiding the discussions and introducing you to this field is TechMed's own expert Dr. Monique Tabak: 

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Techmed Centre Research Program: Personalized eHealth Technology 

It becomes more and more evident that the current approach to healthcare is not sustainable, especially when considering the increasing volume and demands of chronic diseases, requiring a rethinking of strategies towards innovative solutions. The use of Information and Communication Technologies in healthcare – eHealth – is a promising strategy to improve healthcare worldwide.

Biological (e.g. genetic pre-disposition), behavioral (e.g. lifestyles) and environmental (e.g. physical and social context) factors influence the surge and progression of chronic diseases. eHealth also allows to target this challenge of diversity, for example, by providing personalized solutions adaptable to each user, and also to changes over time. Every individual, dealing with any specific condition presents a distinctly unique case, highlighting the need for Personalized eHealth Technology.

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