Get access to the event platform
Why is a ticket necessary?

In order to provide you with a high-quality event, we ask you to register and buy a ticket. A ticket allows you to attend (interactive) meetings where it's possible to rapidly make new contacts or improve existing ones. The ticket provides access to connect with huge, international players as well as locals from the Twente MedTech community.

Why is the 2020 event online?

Due to the current situation, many events go online. We would like to ensure the safety of the participants and staff and therefore do the same. Instead of two full days online, you will get many, personalized mini-events surrounding four MedTech Themes spread out over a longer period. The events can be workshops, meetings with experts, webinars, keynotes and matchmaking meetings. 

Are all (pre-meeting) sessions mandatory?

No, not all sessions are mandatory. You are free to select any of the (pre-)meetings within the programme to create a personalized experience.

I have bought a ticket, how can I participate in the sessions?

An online event platform has been developed on which all sessions of the event are placed. This platform will be online from 27 August. From then on you can create a personal profile and compose a personalized program. It is not yet known which tools will be used per session and whether you need to install separate programs on your desktop. We strive to prevent this.

I am an University of Twente employee, do I have to buy a ticket?

Yes, everyone who wants to participate in the event must purchase a ticket, excluding those who actively contribute to the program.

I am a student at a academy or university. Can I also participate in the event?

Yes, students can participate in the event. However, there are limited places available. We therefore ask students for a good motivation to participate.

Click here for the Student request form

How do I get the most out of this event?

The event consists of 5 specific areas of interest. Each theme is discussed during different pre-sessions and the conference. So take part in those sessions that match your business or research. An important factor in every session is interactivity: every visitor must be given the opportunity to actively participate in the session. Ask specific questions in the chat box, participate in polls, provide a pitch to the audience, participate in round table discussion meetings and above all: use the event platform. You can create a personal profile and connect with other participants: view interesting profiles, make matches and chat with others. Expand your network.

I can't participate in a scheduled session. Will it be recorded so that I can watch the session?

Yes, all sessions are recorded and can be viewed at a later time via the private event platform. Recordings are not published publicly. A ticket is therefore required to view recordings.

As a physician, can I earn accreditation points by participating in the event?

No, unfortunately there are no accreditation points for physicians when participating in the event. We can send a certificate for participation. If you want this certificate, please send us an e-mail after the event.