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Getting access to all sessions

The 2020 Techmed Event includes a series of online sessions in August and October 2020. If you want to join access these sessions, please register to receive a ticket. Within a few days you will receive an email from us with a link and access code for the private event platform:

  • Sender: Team The TechMed Event
  • Subject: The 2020 TechMed Event: Plan your meetings now!

Note: this e-mail may have ended up in your spam box, so check it regularly. If you have not received an e-mail or the link to the platform does not work, please send us an e-mail.

Go to the Event platform with all sessions and network options
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How to use the event platform

1. Get access
  • Click in the e-mail on the blue button with: Get to the list


2. Use the platform


Your personal homepage with suggested sessions and contacts. These are based on your areas of interest.


Compile your personal agenda here and view the various scheduled sessions here. In each session you will find more information about the program and speakers. In this session you will find a button with a link to the session that is live at that moment. If a session has taken place and you want to review it, you can do it directly in each session.


View all profiles of the participants of the event. You can also make connections with interesting people .

My schedule

Please note: this menu item is visible to all participants, but can only be used by participants with a business ticket as these meetings are linked to the B2B matchmaking meetings event on October 29.

Can I save this meetings app to my phone?

The meetings app is a web-based app that does not require any downloading. You can save the app on your mobile device by following these steps:

  • For iOS Safari: Tap on share icon then select ‘Add to Home Screen’.
  • For Android, Chrome Mobile: Go to browser menu then select ‘Add to Home Screen’.
3. Personalize the platform

Adjust profile

Click on the smiley / your photo in the top right and edit your name and description. Fields of interests cannot be adjusted, but with “update interests” and “add interest” you can adjust these areas of interest towards the program and other participants. So you can just see all other participants and sessions, even if this “field of interest” is not in your profile.

Update interests - Agenda

In the menu item “agenda” you can update your areas of interest. Note: these categories are linked to the scheduled sessions. Subsequently, a personal overview is made under “for you”. Do you want to view all sessions? Then tick all categories. In addition to “for you”, you can also view all scheduled sessions per date.

Add interests - Meet

On the homepage of “meet” you will find about 50 profiles of participants in the event. These are pre-selected based on your personal preferences, but not all participants of the event. You can view other profiles based on filters via “add interests”. You can also search within “type group” and focus on name, company, position and fields of interest.