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Connect virtually with healthcare professionals across the medtech community from your own workspace, wherever it may be. After a year of so much distance, our mission is to create an inspiring, collaborative and qualitive networking experience for all attendees: opportunities, challenges, new insights, and business/research partnerships lie ahead. Physicians, researchers, companies, governments, financiers, talented students and citizens will make a decisive step towards a new vision. Are innovative personalized technologies emerging that improve the future of healthcare?


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The 20202 TechMed Event is a specialty forum with an exclusive focus on the medical devices supply chain and will bring together engineering, fabrication, supply chain teams, contract manufacturers and service providers through pre-arranged meetings. It offers a unique B2B and B2S platform to identify all the participants prior to the event, request meetings with relevant contacts and meet them online on the 29th of October (only accesible with a business ticket).

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In addition to the one-to-one Matchmaking meetings, The 2020 TechMed Event offers an international conference program dedicated to supply chain & procurement policies, rules & regulations and innovation all linked to Medical Devices. These are excellent opportunities for professionals to share experiences and better comprehend the market scientific, industrial, technical and commercial evolutions. Expect an impressive line-up of speakers from prominent industry players and research institutes setting out what technologies and capabilities they need from their suppliers today and tomorrow.

We invite you to see for yourself how your company can benefit from such a technologically innovative environment.Freerk Faber - World Trade Center Twente


Located in the Twente region, The World Trade Center thrive in an ecosystem that is known for its excellence, its capacity for innovation and the diversity of its actors: companies, knowledge- and healthcare institutions, supportive companies, ecosystem partners and others. To this the international renown TechMed Centre of the University of Twente has been added. In this context the WTC Twente MedTech cluster today represents a growing number of companies in the wider region.

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