Sustainable healthcare

Sustainable challenges in healthcare

Healthcare's primary focus on improving human health and well-being is undeniable, but it is equally important to acknowledge its role in contributing to environmental impact. In the Netherlands, the healthcare sector is responsible for a considerable share of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, waste generation, and resource consumption, signifying the urgency for a more sustainable approach. The effects of climate change extend far beyond ecological concerns and directly impact human well-being. Rising temperatures bring a heightened risk of heat-related illnesses, especially affecting vulnerable groups like the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions. Additionally, climate change facilitates the spread of vector-borne diseases, impacting both human and animal populations.

Climate change-induced disruptions, such as extreme weather events and natural disasters, pose severe challenges to healthcare systems. These events also exacerbate existing health disparities and strain communities' resilience and livelihoods, highlighting the interconnectedness of environmental and human health. Recognizing the intricate link between healthcare, the environment, and human health, there is a growing demand for sustainable practices within the healthcare industry. By reducing its environmental impact, healthcare can contribute significantly to mitigating climate change and fostering a healthier and more resilient society. Addressing these challenges requires a collaborative effort from healthcare providers, policymakers, industry stakeholders, and the public. Implementing innovative and eco-friendly strategies aligned with sustainability principles is essential for a greener healthcare industry.

The TechMed Centre stands at the forefront of addressing these challenges through collaboration with healthcare providers, industry partners, and other key stakeholders. The TechMed Event serves as a crucial platform, uniting experts from various fields to drive positive change in the face of these complex healthcare challenges.

While healthcare is dedicated to enhancing individual well-being, it cannot ignore its environmental impact and the implications of climate change on human health. Embracing sustainable practices is not only necessary but also vital for a resilient and efficient healthcare system. By working together and addressing both the health and environmental aspects, we can shape a future where healthcare not only improves individual well-being but also actively promotes the health of our planet. The TechMed Centre's commitment to this cause sets a promising path toward a healthier and sustainable society for future generations.

A sustainable event

As the TechMed Centre, we recognize our duty to embrace the challenges in healthcare. Leveraging the wealth of knowledge and innovations from various research groups within the University of Twente affiliated with the TechMed Centre, we are dedicated to finding sustainable solutions that will benefit future generations. To achieve this, we actively share our knowledge and innovations during the TechMed Event, collaborating with partners of the TechMed Centre to collectively address these challenges and discover new solutions together.

At the heart of our commitment to sustainability, we prioritize organizing the TechMed Event in an environmentally conscious manner. By minimizing materials used in event preparation and promotion, many of which will be reused, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint. The event itself will take place in the energy-neutral TechMed Centre, where rainwater is efficiently recycled, further contributing to environmental preservation. Additionally, we advocate for sustainable choices in terms of transportation and accommodation for all speakers and participants, encouraging a greener approach to travel and lodging.

In line with our previous efforts, we continue to adopt a 50-50 catering approach (vega/non-vega) during the event. Any leftovers are thoughtfully redistributed to students at the University of Twente, ensuring no food goes to waste. Within the event's programme, we emphasize the importance of movement and well-being. Attendees are encouraged to explore the campus through guided tours, fostering connections with both familiar and new faces. Furthermore, the TechMed vitality programme offers opportunities for mental and physical activities, including campus walks with acquaintances and exercise sessions. Visitors can also enjoy healthy fruit and smoothies at the Healthy bar, promoting overall wellness.

Our commitment to organizing the TechMed Event sustainably is a reflection of our broader vision for healthcare. By taking a responsible and eco-friendly approach, we hope to inspire positive change and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future for all. Together, with collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and conscious decision-making, we strive to build a brighter healthcare landscape for generations to come.