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The 2020 TechMed Event Kicks-off on August 27, 2020 at 15.00 CET. During this meeting we present the program, a series of events and inspiring presentations with a focus on 5 areas of interest (AI & Intelligent Imaging, Personalized eHealth, Health Robotics, Nano Bio Tech and Innovation meet Industry). Learn and discuss per theme what developments are going on? What does the future hold for us, with what opportunities and challenges? How do medical experts experience the current situation? Which organisations participate in the event? Each theme coordinator will briefly discuss the highlights of their sessions. In addition, the importance of collaboration, new contacts and the MedTech ecosystem is shared with you through inspiring lectures and a successful partnership that took place in the Corona period.

The Event platform will be available from 27 August. Personalize your program by adding sessions to your own event calendar, meet other attendees: connect and start chatting and explore the possibilities that The 2020 TechMed Event has to offer.

the program

Start: 15.00 - 16.30 (CET), connection link after subscription. 

  • Why is it so important to come together, connect, take opportunities and realize matches?, by Eddy van Hijum, Deputy - Province of Overijssel 
  • PCV Group & UT collboration on the 'breathing support hood', lessons learned, difference non-medical projects, byLex van Dockum, People Creating Value Group & Wander Kenter, University of Twente
  • Introduction to the 5 areas of interest: What is hot & happening?, by session chairs:
    AI & Intelligent Imaging - Jelmer Wolterink, University of Twente  
    Personalized eHealth - Monique Tabak, University of Twente
    Health Robotics - Stefano Stramigioli, University of Twente
    Nano Bio Tech - Andries van der Meer, University of Twente
    Innovation meets Industry - Freerk Faber, World Trade Center Twente 
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