Will the recently signed “integrated care agreement (IZA)” solve the challenges in healthcare?

The fireside chat

Will the recently signed “integrated care agreement (IZA)” solve the challenges in healthcare?

After months of negotiations, the Integral Care Agreement (Integraal Zorgakkoord) was signed by several parties on September 16. According to our Minister of Health, this is a 'historic' agreement that offers a solution for current and future challenges in healthcare. Its aim is to ensure high-quality, valuable, accessible and affordable care.

Healthcare is facing some major social issues, i.e. shortage of healthcare staff, an ageing population and more and more patients with a more complex healthcare demand.  These problems can only be solved together, and that is why the parties ended up with an integrated approach. Some of the principles include a focus on health and well-being by means of prevention and support so that care questions can be prevented or become less burdensome. This means stimulating a healthy lifestyle and strengthening people's self-reliance. Municipalities and other non-medical parties play an essential role in this. Another aim is to make optimal use of the available capacity, without wasting time, energy and money. Data exchange is an essential precondition for good and safe care. Proven valuable innovations are spread quickly and effectively and care that is no longer appropriate is scaled down. Healthcare workers are specifically supported by technological applications. More focus on green and climate-neutral care.

 At the same time, there are concerns about the further elaboration of elements from the agreement such as the high expectations of digitization, the lack of extra money for higher salaries for nurses and caregivers, contradictions in the agreement with regard to greater control for healthcare personnel, and last but certainly not least: no guarantees have been given for the agreements made in the Integral Care Agreement.

 How realistic is the 'historic’ agreement? Does this indeed provide a solution for the challenges we are facing in healthcare? And what role does medical technology play in this?

 We expect a heated discussion during this fireside chat with different interests, views of industry, healthcare institutions and education guarantee an interesting conversation.

Where & When
  • Time: 13.15 - 14.00
  • Language: English
  • Room: INSPIRATION Stage (TL 2275)
  • Seats: 250

Speakers & Moderator

Iris van Bemmel

Esther Jansen van Doorn 

Dr. Marjolein den Ouden
Saxion Hogeschool & ROC van Twente

Prof.dr. Maroeska Rovers (moderator)
TechMed Centre

Raphael Hemler
Gelre Ziekenhuizen