The TechMed EventProgrammePersonalized eHealth Technology: Launching eCMC to enhance our collaboration

Personalized eHealth Technology: Launching eCMC to enhance our collaboration

The session

Over the last decade, healthcare demands have risen, thereby increasingly pressuring healthcare systems to decrease cost, and find solutions for the lack of personnel, while keeping quality and easy access to care. Digital healthcare technologies have the potential to ensure a continuum of care throughout the lifespan of citizens and patients, increasing services and decreasing pressure on the system. They can assist patients and healthcare professionals in every phase of life. From prevention to diagnostic support, interventions (e.g. coaching) and holistic monitoring to allow early transitions to home.

Many SME's and Universities are developing digital healthcare technologies, i.e. devices and services for remote patient management (RPM). They are often shown to be effective in pilot studies, but they often face difficulties to reach this fast-growing market. The Expert Center for Monitoring and Coaching (eCMC) combines the expertise of a strong network of national knowledge and research centres to guide digital health applications quickly, effectively, and successfully, including personalized eHealth applications, in the field of monitoring to the market. The eCMC supports companies and start-ups throughout the entire chain from development to commercialization of digital health solutions. Ultimately, this will have a positive impact on society, as the eCMC ensures that digital health products are available faster, and at a lower cost.

Where & When
  • Time: 15.15 - 16.15
  • Language: English
  • Room: INNOVATION ROOM (TL 1133)
  • Seats: 100

The programme

In this session, we will introduce the eCMC. We will see an introduction to how the eCMC came about, starting from the UT’s personalized eHealth program (PeHT), then continue with discussions from the founding partners. It will also include pitches from different organizations that are partnering and collaborating under the eCMC umbrella. We will finish with the discussion on the roadmap for the next year, and the official launch of the eCMC website as a platform to start many successful collaborations.