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Technical physician in clinical practice

The session

The technical physician: A unique discipline in healthcare

The Technical Medicine education at the University of Twente started more than 20 years ago. A new academic discipline in training medical professionals who contribute to patient healthcare by the use of medical technology. This degree fills the gap between classical medicine and complex technology. Now, more than 100 technical medical students graduate every year after a 6-year study and the technical medical specialist is a healthcare professional with expertise in sub-fields of medicine, technical sciences and informatics. The technical physician focuses on improving diagnostics and therapy through innovative use of technology in healthcare. The technical physician combines medical knowledge and skills with expertise in modern technologies in order to apply these optimally and safely to the patient.

After this study, the technical physician often works in top clinical or academic hospitals. Technical physicians work in various fields of medicine (cardiology, surgery, neurology, radiology, nuclear medicine and intensive care) as well as transcending disciplines (3D planning of operations or artificial intelligence). The technical physician contributes to the diagnosis or treatment of complex patient-specific cases and is also closely involved in the scientific research of these departments, as well as in innovation processes for new technological applications. Due to its specific expertise, the technical physician is often involved in multidisciplinary teams.

Since July 2020, the technical physician, under the title of clinical technologist (KT), included as Article 3 profession in the BIG Act, may call himself a recognized healthcare professional.

Where & When
  • Time: 13.15 - 15.00
  • Language: English
  • Seats: 100

The programme

In this session 4 TG alumna (University of Twente), who speaks with great passion about their functioning and the challenges, they face in practice. What does a working day/week look like? What exactly is expected of the technical physician person in a clinical setting? What is the added value that a technical physician has compared to other medical professionals? What is the vision of the technical physician with regard to the current problems regarding staffing and the use of medical innovations? And how did the transition from study to working in a hospital go? You will find out during this session!

13.15 - 13.20

Welcome & Introduction 

13.20 - 13.30

Technical medicine at the University of Twente

13.30 - 13.50

Simeon Ruiter
Technical physician | HPB Surgery - UMCG

13.50 - 14.10

Alina van de Burgt
Technical physician | Nuclear Medicine department Technical - Alrijne hospital

14.10 - 14.30

Ruud van Kaam
Technical physician - Radboudumc

14.30 - 14.50


14.50 - 15.00

Wrap up & Closing