The TechMed EventProgrammeThe staffing crisis in healthcare

The staffing crisis in healthcare

The session

Research by ABF Research that was commissioned by the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) shows that the shortage of healthcare staff is expected to rise to 135,000 employees by 2031. The shortages will be felt across the entire healthcare sector. The majority of the staff shortage, 98,000 jobs, will arise in hospital and care for the elderly.

There is an increasing gap between supply and demand in healthcare. Administrators also call use a beautiful metaphor for this gap, i.e. a ‘crocodile's mouth’. The upper jaw, which constitutes the rapidly increasing demand for care due to the ageing of the population, is growing bigger, while the lower jaw is sinking more and more due to the demographic decline in the number of young people, increasing work pressure, and shortage on the labour market.

One of the solutions to make the opening of this crocodile’s mouth smaller is the application of medical technology. Think of telehealth, AI, medical equipment, apps, robotics, digitisation, and many other solutions. According to the Gupta report (commissioned by FME last year), medical technology may reduce the employment of personnel by half.

Where & When
  • Time: 10.00 - 12.00
  • Language: English
  • Room: INSPIRATION Stage (TL 2275)
  • Seats: 250

The programme

This session brings together experts with vast academic experience on the theme. Prof. dr. ir. Erwin Hans, dr. Tessa Beinema, dr. Françoise Siepel has focused their career on research in the field of Healthcare. The fourth speaker will share his experiences on what the personnel crisis means for hospitals.

10.10 - 10.20

Welcome & Introduction
Prof.dr. Maroeska Rovers - Scientific director TechMed Centre

10.20 - 10.40

What does the staffing crisis mean for hospitals and how can we close the gap? 
Speaker announced soon

10.40 - 11.00

Council of Coaches: solutions for staffing crisis in Healthcare?
Dr. Tessa Beinema - University of Twente

11.00 - 11.15

Open forum with the crowd
Prof.dr. Maroeska Rovers - Scientific director TechMed Centre

11.15 - 11.35

How does education (for students and professionals) contribute to better planning of care processes? Erwin Hans – University of Twente (CHOIR)

11.35 - 11.55

DIH-HERO, Robotics helps solve staffing crisis in Healthcare
Dr. Francoise Siepel – University of Twente

11.55 - 12.00

Wrap-up & Closing
Prof.dr. Maroeska Rovers - Scientific director TechMed Centre