Organisation: OostNL
Position: High Tech liaison Germany



Hans Brouwers ( 1959 ) is a self-employed professional. He studied several years German language and literature at RUG. In his career he worked in several business management positions for large companies often in an international setting and in different business areas. Brouwers is by experience a German specialist and also involved in various health projects. Except for his role as director a.i. High Tech Factory ( UT ) Brouwers is Hightech & Industry liaison Germany within the GO4EXPORT program carried out by Oost NL. In that role he is responsible for supporting SMB companies in their german market ambitions by building and connecting networks, informing companies on german business & culture and organizing trade & innovation events. Hans is a huge believer in the unique strength of partnerships between Germany and the Netherlands.Though doing business with German companies and partners requires a marathon approach in the end it really pays off. Certainly also for Med Tech industry.