Dr. Robbie Brodie

Organisation: Terumo Aortic
Position: Global R&D Manager - Global Technology Team

The Manufacturer Perspective on Thrombogenicity

Terumo Aortic are a global manufactures of vascular prostheses. These vascular implants must be designed for long-term in-vivo safety and efficacy, including long-term patency in the blood flow environment. To achieve this, consideration must be given during the design process to the post-implant flow haemodynamics. This presentation will look at some of the techniques currently employed at Terumo Aortic to achieve this, together with current research activities to improve these design capabilities.


Dr Robbie Brodie is Global R&D Manager of the Global Technology Team at Terumo Aortic, who design and manufacture vascular prosthesis products for surgical treatment of aortic diseases. His R&D team, based in both Glasgow, Scotland and Sunrise, Florida, are responsible for mechanical design, analysis and testing to ensure the long-term durability of vascular prostheses in-vivo. During his 12 years at the company, Robbie has led development of new durability analysis and testing capabilities at the company in collaboration with university partners, and in 2018 was awarded a PhD for his work with University of Strathclyde on stent material characterisation. Over the past 5 years he has acted as industrial supervisor on a number of very successful collaboration projects with University of Twente in the Netherlands, led by Professor Geelkerken.