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The TechMed Event is all about informing you about the latest scientific insights, sharing new innovations and unique technological solutions that will transform healthcare for the benefit of all of us. We believe that curiosity, collaborative research and innovation help to create, discover and set out advances to improve the patient's journey. We have developed an inspiring and educational knowledge event on November 3th with lots of inspiring keynotes, presentations and discussion on how to empower the future of healthcare with medical technology. And meanwhile you'll meet, connect and match live and digital with healthcare professionals across the MedTech community.

Dr. Jouke Tamsma | Medical director - TechMed Centre
“Learn from the medical experts, scientific insights and technological solutions how clinical practice will develop in the coming years”
Dr. Jouke Tamsma | Medical director - TechMed Centre

The programme


The event will feature lots of inspiring keynotes and presentations. Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam (Duke University Center) will discuss the need for innovations in the field of Women’s health, while Prof.dr. Jean-Paul de Vries (UMC Groningen) will use his keynote to explain why technology should be seen as an integral part of healthcare. This will be followed by an elective programme, with four speciality sessions, on vascular surgery technology, neurological disorders, movement disorders and oncological image-guided interventions, with inspiring presentations on both state-of-the-art and future MedTech innovations. Participants can join the discussion on how the collaboration between clinical, scientific and industrial research can lead to medical innovations that improve the patient journey. Also you can explore the technical medical centre infrastructures during the guided Innovation Safari Tours. 

The programme overview of nov 3
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Highlighted sessions

Who you will meet at the TechMed Event

Connect with MedTech stakeholders, such as technical physicians, clinicians, care directors, policy advisors, patient representives, doctors in training, scientists, talented students, innovation managers,  business developers, CEOs and many more. After registration you will get access to the event platform (4 weeks before the start of the event) and you can start networking with the TechMed community that participates in the event.

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