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Chief resident - University Hospital Frankfurt

A radiologist with a record of cooperative AI projects to provide a doctor's perspective on AI applications in the clinical environment. Dr. Andreas Bucher has finished his training as a radiologist in the University hospital Frankfurt and is currently part the collaborative team establishing a large cooperative AI network projekt in Germany. Specialty focus includes musculoskelettal imaging, prostate imaging and forensic radiology.


AI in radiology: what to expect from AI for imaging

Applying Ai in Radiology is a promising field that can change much of the current tools available in diagnostic imaging. AI can support, speed up, enable and replace current practices. While some efficient use cases are already tangible, there is still quite some ground to cover to reach broad AI use in daily practice. Certifying, reimbursement, safety and trust in AI are some of the topics radiologists will likely have to face while accustoming to new workflows.