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Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Stamatialis

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professor  - University of Twente - Bioartificial organs

Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Stamatialis graduated in 1989 from the University of Athens – Greece (Chemistry) and obtained his PhD at NRC “Demokritos” (Athens - Greece) in 1995 (physical chemistry and membranes). He is currently full professor of (bio)artificial organs at the University of Twente and coordinator of the research domain of Bioengineering technologies at the TechMed centre of the University of Twente.

Prof. Stamatialis is author of more than 150 scientific papers and inventor of 9 patents. He has various international activities, including: chairman of the working group on bioartificial organs of the European Society of artificial organs (ESAO); member of the EUTox group, an ESAO working group dealing with coordination of European research on uremic toxins; editor of the “international journal of artificial organs”; member of various scientific societies (ESAO, ASAIO, TERMIS, EMS) and member of scientific committees of various international conferences.


Innovations in dialysis membranes for improved blood purification

Worldwide, over 2 million patients suffer from end stage renal disease. The best solution for these patients would be kidney transplantation, however, since transplant options are limited, the patients receive dialysis therapy using artificial membranes. Unfortunately the therapy is non continuous and incomplete leading to higher patient mortality.

Here, we will discuss innovations in dialysis membranes for achieving better therapy, including: (i) Mixed matrix membranes, which combine diffusion and adsorption and (ii) Bioartificial kidney, based on a “living membrane” consisting of a kidney cell monolayer with preserved functional organic ion transporters, on suitable artificial membranes.