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Associate Principal Investigator - Radboud University

Dr. Esther Aarts is an associate Principal Investigator at the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The research of her Food & Cognition group focuses on neural mechanisms of eating behaviour and how these food choices impact brain functioning, using neuroimaging. The research is done with personal grants (e.g., AXA, NWO-Veni, ERC-starting) and in public-private collaborations.

Esther Aarts is also coordinator of the Food & Cognition research programme, a public-private innovation hub for a better understanding of Eating Behaviour and Targeted Nutrition for (prevention of) brain disorders, which is a collaboration of Radboud campus with the WUR and UT. She is the project leader of the NWO-crossover project MOCIA, a personalised prevention approach for maintaining optimal cognitive function in ageing.


Personalised prevention of cognitive decline in ageing

How can we Maintain Optimal Cognitive function In Ageing (MOCIA)? The MOCIA programme aims at being able to signal an increased risk of cognitive decline and to improve prevention by developing a personalised lifestyle intervention. The 7-year project is funded by the NWO crossover programme and just started in September 2020. As part of a global initiative, we will be testing a multi-domain lifestyle intervention in Dutch older adults. We will focus on individual differences, predictive factors, biological mechanisms, behavioural change and e-Health technology, with the ultimate aim of offering elderly people a personalised intervention at home.

Here, I will not only explain our MOCIA plans, but I will also explain how we envision that this topic of personalised prevention can contribute to the innovation capacity of the region.