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Manager SME Business Acceleration - Novel-T  

With a wide experience in regional economic development Hendrik Haaksema is responsible for all programs and activities towards SME's at Novel-T. Novel-T is an organization which has its purpose in creating new business and renewing existing business. Focus groups are students & startups, researchers and SME's. In the past ten years Hendrik has developed extensive skills in managing different kinds of networks within the triple helix (government, universities, industry). Together with his analytical and strategic skills he is able to form teams and get them going.


SME Business Acceleration in Twente

During his presentation Hendrik will go into the programs and activities Novel-T runs towards regional SME's, alle aimed at accelerating innovation and business development within those organizations. Novel-T has renewed its services towards SME's in the recent period. Hendrik will address the implementation of these new services in current turbulent times, especially for SME's.