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Ivana Bobeldijk-Pastorova, PhD

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Senior Program manager - TNO 

Ivana Bobeldijk-Pastorova has a PhD in analytical chemistry and has experience in different areas of applied research in Life Sciences. At TNO she has been the project manager of multidisciplinary research consortia on health research and as well as of many applied research projects for industrial partners. Currently she is the program manager of two research programs, Biomedical Health Program and Early Research program Organ on a chip.


Technology meets biology and application: organ-on-a-chip at TNO

The ultimate goal of organ-on-a-chip models is mimicking human (patho)physiology of specific organs within an in vitro system which has simple readouts. In particular precision medicine development can greatly benefit from human functional organs-on-a-chip technologies. The challenge is to bring the models to a next level, with proven added value for science and industry:, providing an unique opportunity to discover personalized human drug targets, related to the underlying genetic or metabolic background of the patient and to test and select the specifically designed treatment (combinations).

TNO collaborates with many partners from academia as well as industry and focusses on two organ-on-a-chip applications: Gut-on-a-chip and Liver-(NASH)-on-a-chip. Within these two organs we attempt to bring in by different means populational differences such as different (stem) cell sources, microbiota from different types of patients. Examples will be presented.