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Surgeon & Professor of robotics - Meandermc & University of Twente

Ivo Broeders is a gastro-intestinal surgeon, specialized in minimal invasive interventions. He introduced robot assisted surgery in The Netherlands in 2000, and dedicated his scientific career to this revolutionary surgical innovation. He joined Twente University in 2007 as clinical professor Technical Medicine, and has his research alliance at the department of Robotics and Mechatronics, chaired by his partner in science Prof. Stefano Stramigioli. He currently focusses on the next generation smart robotics, in partnership with UTwente and Johnso&Johnson digital surgery.


Towards the next generation surgical robtics

Robots have been introduced in the OR through the past decades, but large scale and wordwide use is limited to endoscopic surgery in the abdomen and thorax. The market has been dominated for 20 years by Intuitive Surgical, but competition is gradually finding its way in. Robotics for endoscopic surgery were merely toplevel electromechanical support divices. The second revolution will be based on smart algorithms to add artificial intelligence to mecanical support. At short term, useful tools can be expected focussing on individual teaching, benchmarking and efficiency.