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Technical Project Lead - Lower Extremity Applications - Hocoma AG   

I am a Technical Project Leader, who has extensive experience in research, development and innovation in the field of robot-aided rehabilitation and assessment, especially in devices for gait and balance training. In 2007, I obtained his PhD from the University of Twente, on the design and evaluation of the gait rehabilitation robot LOPES. At Hocoma, I am responsible for project management in the innovation projects of robotic devices for gait and balance training and assessment. Jan was PI and Coordinator of the FP7 BALANCE project, and currently general Chair of COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Action CA16116 on Wearable Robots. Further, I have been actively involved in ISO/IEC Joint Working Group 36, writing the safety standard IEC 80601-2-78, applicable to rehabilitation robots, and am founding member of the ICORR society - International Consortium for Rehabilitation Robotics.


Collaborative innovation in Rehabilitation Robotics

Many of Hocoma's products originate from academic research projects and collaborations. These successes can all be considered as case studies in Technology Transfer, and can teach some lessons on how Technology Transfer in this specific niche market can be successful, but also what are typical bottlenecks and how it could be further facilitated.