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Chief Technology Officer  - ecsens

As a true UTwente alumnus (BSc Advanced Technology and MSc Nanotechnology) I spent my PhD developing sensing platforms for small biomarkers, mostly focused on cancer. Not too long ago, we invented a nano-bio-sensing mechanism that could detect these tiny objects in our bodies, one by one. We started a small company so that we could further develop this technology for all of society to benefit from. When we were stuck at home this year, we realized that our technology could just as well be used for rapid corona virus detection. For some people, this solution can not come soon enough. But we’re going all out to bring a product to the public as soon as possible!


Development of a rapid point-of-care corona test

Current approaches to testing for (active) infection with the corona virus involve sending a sample to one of the few laboratories in the Netherlands that have the appropriate biocontainment facilities. This “rate-limiting step” drastically reduces the national capacity for testing. Intelligently managing the spread of COVID-19 requires an efficient and decentralised testing routine which can immediately and reliably determine whether a person is infectious or not.

Using an automated microfluidic sample handling routine and a unique, state-of-the art nanotechnology-based sensing mechanism, our goal is to develop a system that is sensitive enough to detect low concentrations of virus particles in patient samples even shortly after infection. Test results should be available within a few minutes, and it would be used at any location including airports, hospitals and large events.