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Access to the TechMed Event Platform (for registered persons only)
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Have you registered for the event? Then you will receive access to the private TechMed Event Platform. Please note that this may take 1 to 2 days after you have registered.

The sessions

Livestream & recorded sessions

On the TechMed Event Platform you will find all sessions with programme information and speakers. Are you following these sessions live and do you want a guaranteed seat? Then register for this session (top right corner of the session). If you want to follow these sessions digitally, go to the preferred session(s) and watch them by clicking on the <view this session> button in the session. Then you will be redirected to Zoom and you can follow the session digitally.

Are there several interesting sessions taking place at the same time, or are you unable to follow the session live or via the livestream? All sessions can be viewed via this private platform (available after November 4, for a period of 1 month).

Pitch the crowd

Various attendees have created pitch pages in the platform. Are there interesting organizations among them? Contact them via chat and schedule a meeting.


You can also get in touch with all other event participants via the TechMed Event Platform. Start conversations via chat or video call (available anytime) with other participants. In addition, you can schedule meetings on 3 and/or 4 November with each other both live and digitally.

Matchmaking November 3: Innovation Matchmaking Doctors

During the morning program on November 3, you can make connections with other participants in addition to the various inspiring sessions. For the live participants there are 10 available tables (on the balustrade, 1st floor) (for fully digital meetings there are no limitations), visit the Matchmaking desk (the live attendee/s) and the Matchmaking doctors will arrange a table for you. If you , as a live attende, have scheduled a conversation with a digital participant, you can borrow a laptop for this conversation. Then sign up with this platform, find your match and video call each other. We assume conversations of 10 minutes.

Matchmaking November 4: B2B Matchmaking Meetings

During the morning program we will link you to 10 potential matches via the event platform. you will receive notifications about this on October 30. We assume that you accept these suggestions, but you can decline them if you wish.

If both people have accepted this, there is a match and your meeting will be planned at the scheduled time. If 1 or both of you refuse the 1 on 1 meeting, this time slot will expire. Realize that it is also possible that the other person does not reply. In that case, it is best to reject the suggestion and schedule a new meeting yourself. If you have empty slots in the program, you can search via the platform for another potential match. Via the chat you can book a time slot with this person and meet each other. Suggest a time together on the available time slots. Live participants (or 1 live participant) needs to go to the information desk (in the TechMed Meeting Lounge) in that case and a table will be reserved for you. Digital participants can talk to each other via the video option in the participant profile.

How to login to the platform

The TechMed Event platform is now open and you can register yourself via the button below. Do this as soon as possible, so that you can network quickly and register yourself for sessions with limited availability (full = full).

Open the file and follow the step-by-step guide to login to the TechMed Event Platform