Prof. Bogdan Maris

Organisation: University of Verona
Position: Assistant professor

Pre-clinical validation of biopsy robots

Robotics is a rapidly advancing field and its introduction in healthcare can have a multitude of benefits for clinical practice. Percutaneous interventions are relatively simple and the quality of the procedure increases a lot by introducing robotics due to the improved accuracy and precision.

In this talk, I will introduce the research we carried out on two robotic systems for biopsies: MURAB for breast biopsy and PROST for prostate biopsy. I will underline the common aspects, then the obvious differences due to different intervention sites, therefore the solutions adopted in each of the two cases.

Another paramount aspect of this research is the translation to clinical practice, which sometimes is more difficult than the mechanical and software parts so I will end the presentation showing how close are these systems to the clinical validation and clinical implementation.


Bogdan Maris is with the Altair Robtics Laboratory at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Verona in Italy. His current research interests include medical robotics, image- and robot-guided surgery, medical image registration, deep learning for medical image segmentation and diagnosis, minimally invasive procedures, biopsy robots.