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3 & 4 november 2021

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3 November - TechMed Centre, University of Twente, The Netherlands
4 November - World Trade Center Twente, The Netherlands  

“We believe in the power of partnerships to develop and accelerate innovative medical technologies to shape the future of healthcare.”
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It is not yet predictable whether we will meet live and / or online during the 2021 edition. We do know that during the new edition, innovative insights will be gained and new contacts will be made, which will make it an interesting and valuable participation for researchers, physicians  and companies. If you want to be kept informed of the program, which themes and speakers are scheduled and above all, get priority over the limited access to the live event: pre-register now (and get access to the video database including 50+ talks recorded durint The 2020 TechMed Event videos)

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our story

Technology is a tool to enable high-quality healthcare. Not only for diagnosis and treatment, but also for improving the quality of life and to stimulate independent living. We strive to have a significant impact on society, both by scientific excellence as well as by linking fundamental research to clinical applications, from the nano to the global scale. Ultimately, we bring our technology to the clinic or to the home environment. For this purpose, it is imperative to have close working relations with clinical and industrial partners.

The TechMed Event is a joint effort by the TechMed Centre of the University of Twente and World Trade Center Twente in Hengelo. Read our full story