Dr. Françoise Siepel

Organisation: University of Twente
Position: Assistant professor

Roadmap and deployment of robotics in oncology

Providing useful, affordable and advanced robotic solutions in oncology is important for diagnosis and subsequent treatment. The presentation will highlight future perspectives and building the trajectory based on a patient specific approach. Activities based on the future needs will be addressed to build a common framework of technologies and applications for healthcare robotics within Europe.


Françoise Siepel is (Ass) Professor / Technical Physician in the field of Robotics in healthcare. It is her passion to innovate the field of medicine in a way that (surgical) procedures become minimally invasive and she is aims at integrating sophisticated robotic and imaging technologies enabling complex navigation through the human body. On a higher level she is keen on boosting robotics in healthcare innovation across Europe to establish sustainable, scalable and high-quality robotic solutions.

She obtained her PhD in 3 years, received approx. 1 million euros of personal awards, and has currently 50 publications including international experience from the University of Bergen and Kings College. Since 2016, Françoise works at the Robotics and Mechatronics group, where she developed new strategies to localize and target cancer using robot assistance. She is leading DIH-HERO, an initiative to boost robotics innovation across Europe, and the roadmap activities within EUrobotics.