Prof.dr. Maroeska Rovers

Organisation: Radboudumc / HI-NLPosition: Professor of Evidence-Based Surgery

No more toys for the boys or pearls for the girls

Almost all medical innovations promise that they will make healthcare better and cheaper. But is that always the case? In practice, the added value of innovations often turns out to be marginal. For example, only half of all new treatments actually prove to be better than the current treatments. Moreover, it appears that 80% of all innovations do not come on the market, and 70% of the products that do enter the market have disappeared after 2 years. To maintain the sustainability of our healthcare, we must ensure that medical innovations are affordable, effective, and of value to patients. During this presentation I hope to show that together (ie across disciplines and hospitals) we can make healthcare better and more affordable. I will certainly also tell you how we approach this within MITeC and what challenges we encounter.


Maroeska Rovers is a professor of evidence based surgery at the Radboudumc, ambassador of Hi-NL, and scientific director of the Medical Innovation & Technology expert center ( Her ambition is to contribute to the development of effective, affordable and valuable innovations. Her international projects and multi-center studies have shown that she is able to further develop and implement innovations. She has received various prizes for her work and plays an active role in various (inter)national organizations. Twice a year she gives lectures to schoolchildren hoping to make them excited about science and technology. You can also find Maroeska on twitter (@MaroeskaRovers).