Egbert Siebrand

Organisation: Saxion
Position: Lecturer & researcher

Developing a citizen science methodology by people with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM)

Within TOPFIT Citizenlab we started several co-creation sessions with people with T2DM. Aim of these sessions was twofold: to extent diabetic care by better access for patients and professionals to lifestyle support technology for T2DM and to develop a citizen science methodology. The approach was to facilitate online co-creation sessions with people with T2DM as a frame to achieve active cooperation for all participants and academics, on equal basis. The first step was participants giving feedback on previously defined roles extracted from earlier conducted interviews. Next an inventory was made by participants of how they experienced support within these roles in their daily life as a diabetic and what is missing. Through online brainstorm sessions the mayor challenges were derived that subsequently led to two research questions for the research plan. It would be a citizen science success if participants would execute this research in a self-sustaining way.



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