Sarah Kerklaan MSc

Organisation: Saxion University of Applied Sciences
Position: Researcher TOPFIT Citizenlab

How can informal caregivers be supported in the combination of work and care?

The aim of the project is to develop ideas and solutions that can support informal caregivers in the combination of work and informal care. The project focusses on informal caregivers that also have a paid job in health care. Both the informal caregivers and their employers participate in the project. Sarah will have a dialogue with one of the participating informal caregivers/citizen scientists to give the audience an impression of the methods that were used (interviews, gathering quotes, making an affinity diagram, co-creation sessions) and how these were applied in the process.



Sarah (Physical Therapist, Health Scientist) is working on a citizen science project with informal caregivers: people who take care of a sick parent, child, other relative or friend, usually without payment. She is a TOPFIT Citizenlab researcher working at Saxion Hogeschool where she specialises in labour and health.