If you have a question about the event, please check the overview of frequently asked questions below. If your question is not listed here, don't hesitate to ask it through our contact page.

General & Practical 

  • Can the sessions also be viewed via a live stream or recorded video afterwards?

    Recordings were made in the Mainstage. These can be viewed back. If you're interested in previous editions, you can watch the recorded sessions in the media library.

  • How will the footage be handled at the event?

    Every year, photos are taken at the event. As a participant, you will be informed about this when filling out the registration form. As a visitor, you automatically agree that photos will be taken and that they will be publicly published as a recap after the event. If you have any concerns about being visibly featured in a close-up photo, you can discuss this with the organizers and have the photo deleted on the spot by the photographer or their representative. If you prefer not to be visible in a photo, we recommend sitting more towards the center of a large hall. However, the decision on where to sit is entirely up to you.

    Photos (and videos) from the event can be found in the media library, as can the most recent version.

    View the media library
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  • Is the event location accessible for people with disabilities?

    Yes, every room/stage in the building is easily accessible for people with disabilities, including wheelchair users. There are two spacious elevators in the building, no thresholds to enter the rooms, and upon request, a designated area can be cleared in the room to ensure a clear view of the stage.

  • How is the accessibility to the event venue?

    The TechMed Centre is easily accessible by various means of transport. Please note that there may be work taking place around the event venue or delays on your journey to the event. If there are works near the event location, we will inform participants in good time.

    View the address/routing page for more information
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  • Can I book a hotel stay in a nearby hotel?

    Yes, this is definitely possible. In the list below, you will find four hotels we recommend you book. Each location has its own (dis)advantages and prices. Click on 'read more' to visit the respective hotel's website and book a room.



    Distance to TechMed Centre


    U Parkhotel

    Read more 

    700 mtr (walk)

    On campus UT

    Fletcher Hotel: De Broeierd

    Read more

    1 km (walk)

    On Science Parc

    Intercity hotel

    Read more

    3,3 km (bike)

    In the city centre (near CS)

    Van der Valk - exclusive

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    7,8 km (car)

    Near A35 (border of Enschede)

    Address of event location: TechMed Centre, hallenweg 5, Enschede (on campus of University of Twente, Drienerlolaan 5, Enschede)

  • Can I see the slides of the presentations after the event?

    Yes, this is possible. The slides of lectures can be found in the media library.

    Incidentally, this only concerns the slides (PDF) of speakers who have agreed that their slides/part of their slides may be published.

  • I've lost something. Are there any found items?

    If we find items that have been left behind we will keep them. Send us a message via the contact form that you have lost something and we will see if it is among the found items.

  • The event is about sustainability (in healthcare). To what extent is the event itself organized in a sustainable manner?

    We are highly conscious of the importance of sustainability for future generations in our daily work at the University of Twente (and TechMed Centre) and during this event. We make efforts to reuse materials from previous editions, minimize the use of materials (such as paper) by relying on digital communication tools whenever possible, offer a live stream for the main stage, and provide partly vegetarian catering. In addition, we will avoid food waste by paying close attention to the number of participants present and if there is anything left over we will distribute it to students current in the TechMed Centre. We strive to avoid having international speakers travel by plane, and the event location itself is energy-neutral. While it is up to the visitors to decide how they travel to Enschede, we encourage them to choose sustainable transportation options.

  • Are the sessions commercially oriented?

    No, that is something we absolutely do not apply. Each session is organized or coordinated by the organization itself (TechMed Centre - University of Twente). We always prioritize quality content above other interests. Every speaker will add a disclosure slide to their presentation.

  • I have tips/comments regarding the event. can I report this?

    Yes, that is possible. We always strive to organize the event as well as possible for the target group (of course within the possible frameworks). You can contact us by filling in the contact form

Accreditation & Certificate 

  • I have a BIG registration, will I receive accreditation points for the event?

    Yes, the event is approved by the NVvTG and KNMG-GAIA for 6 hours of ABAN accreditation points. 

    So for BIG-registered doctors, besides being inspiring and an excellent place to network, the event is also a good option to raise your accreditation points.

  • I participated in the event, can I receive NVVTG accreditation?

    Yes that is possible. The NVvTG has granted accreditation, for 6 hours, to the TechMed Event. If you are attending the event and can apply for NVvTG accreditation, please make sure you have the correct details to hand when you arrive at the event location and make a note of this on the registration list. If you have any questions about this (before, but also after the event) please contact us via the contact form.

  • I participated in the event, will I receive ABAN or other accreditation?

    Yes, this event is accredited for 6 hours of ABAN points by KNMG-GAIA.

  • Can I request a certificate as proof of participation in the event?

    Yes, it is possible to request a certificate as proof of participation in the TechMed Event. It is then up to you to apply for accreditation with this certificate. If you want to order this, please get in touch with us via this email address and add in your message your full name, your organisation and which sessions you have participated in.

    Did you also have another role during the event: for example, you were a speaker or host during a session? Then we can prepare a 'certificate for participation as a speaker' for you.