Simon Overeen PhD.

Organisation: Medtronic
Position: Market Development Lead Aortic Western Europe

The manufacturer perspective; with the focus on exoskeleton

An overview of the organic pipeline processes when designing and developing a new aortic endograft. How can we use 30 years of knowledge in the design of the next generation device? A summary of considerations and techniques used during the development. How do we balance between speed versus safety when bringing a new device to the market? Lessons learned from the Navion recall. Can new technologies improve timelines? And how do FDA and MDR regulations impact R&D?


After finishing my Technical Medicine Master in 2016, I continued doing research in the vascular field. This PhD was focused on endovascular techniques to treat complex aortic aneurysms and how small geometrical changes can predict complications. After defending this PhD, I moved towards a more commercial role within the Aortic business of worlds' largest medical device company, Medtronic. After a year of supporting cases a logical step towards to a leading function in the development of the Aortic business was made. In this role I'm responsible for growing the Aortic business by differentiating from competition using; scientific partnerships, shaping our marketing strategies and digitalizing the Aortic patient journey.