Dr.ir. Bert-Jan van Beijnum

Organisation: University of Twente
Position: Associate Professor

Assessment of movements

Today many systems exists to assess gait related parameters in specialised gait labs. One of the challenges is to develop a on-body gait lab that can assess kinematic and kinetic parameters in daily life. In our research we are developing and validating such a mobility gait lab. In this presentation the various stages of development and application areas like rehabilitation after stroke, hip- and ankle fractures will be addressed.


Bert-Jan van Beijnum has a MSc and PhD degree in Electrical Engineering. He has past experience in hardware design, and Internet management and networked application development. His current research focusses on remote monitoring for patients-management and for sports applications. In particular he combines on-body and environmental data acquisition with advanced signal analysis methods, data-driven and first principles based modeling and decision support for health and sports applications.