The TechMed EventProgrammeKeynote | Prof.dr. Jean-Paul de Vries

Keynote | Prof.dr. Jean-Paul de Vries

Technique and medicine, a necessary combination to treat our patients

During last decade more and more patients are suffering from multimorbidity with correspondingly complex pathology. The need for innnovative imaging and treatment modalities to overcome these complicated problems is high. There is no doubt that implementation of new technical devices and innovative diagnostic tools is essential, but also that clinical specialists are not properly educated concerning fundamental technical knowledge. We need the input of qualified technicians in the medical field to treat our patients optimal.

Actual partnership between technicians and medical docters must be one of the cornerstones of modern medicin that will benefit research, education, and taking care of our patients.

General information
  • When: November 3
  • Time: 13.15 - 14.00
  • Location:┬áMain Stage - TL 2275 (first floor)
  • How:┬áLive & Digital
  • For whom: Medical & Researchers
  • Host: Dr. Jouke Tamsma - University of Twente


Jean-Paul P.M. de Vries is vascular surgeon and head of the department of Surgery of the University Medical Centre in Groningen. The department covers the whole spectrum of Surgery including Vascular Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Pediatric Surgery, Hepato-pancreatico-biliary Surgery including the liver transplant program, Traumasurgery, Gastro-intestinal Surgery, and Kidney, Pancreas and Bowel Transplant Surgery.

Jean-Pal de Vries is also professor in surgery, with focus on innovative technology, imbedded in the dr. W.J. Kolff Institute. He is one of the board members of the Centre of Medical Imaging- North Eastern Netherlands (CMI-NEN). There is a strong collaboration with the University of Twente and multiple PhD-ers are working at the department of Surgery as well as at University of Twente. Moreover, there is a partnership with the department of Biomedical Engineering and the Surgical Research Lab. This results in a mixture of fundamental and patient-orientated research lines.