The TechMed EventProgrammeSession overviewThe interconnectivity and shared challenges of healthcare and planetary health

The interconnectivity and shared challenges of healthcare and planetary health

Planetary health can be define as “the health of human civilization and the natural systems on which it depends”. On one side the field of planetary health deals with the effects of global environmental change on health. However, it also encompasses the drivers of these environmental changes, in particularly the role of healthcare in this. Planetary health shows us that everything is connected: changing the natural system of our planet will come back to affect us, in expected and unexpected ways.c Understanding and acting upon the global environmental challenges, their effect on our health and how healthcare affects this, calls for massive collaboration across disciplinary and national boundaries to safeguard our health.

Using the different viewpoints of our expert panel members in climate change and geo-health, healthcare system and surgical rooms, and human behavior and wicked problems and your expertise, we look for the interconnectivity and shared challenges between these two pillars of planetary health, and how sustainable healthy future can only be shaped by working together.

Where & When
  • Time: 11.00 - 12.15
  • Language: English
  • Room: MAIN Stage (TL 2275 | First floor)
  • Available seats: 250
  • Format: Live (session will be recorded)

Panel members

This session will be moderated by Dr. Thomas van Rompay & Dr. Carmen Anthonj (both University of Twente)

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